Medium Notebook Power Bank in Black which contains elegant lined light blue writing pages and a battery to charge your Tablet or phone on the go. This revolutionary product really helps the person on the go by enabling you to charge your tablet and cel phone while at lunch or in a meeting at the same time as taking notes without having to look for a nearby plug or leave wires stretched across to reach an outlet.

Every busy person needs one.

The Notebook Power Bank battery will charge your devices 3-4 times before needing to be recharged itself.

The six ring Notebook pages are refillable .

The battery has blue charging lights to indicate that it is on, has a charge and is charging your device. It comes standard with a USB charging wire that has an android plug on the end to enable charging the notepad. You will need to use your own device's wire to plug in the USB port of the Notepad and enable a charge to your device.

Time Traveler® Power Bank Notebook

Charging Your Power Bank

Warranty and User Manual

Power Bank Notebook

Made for Smartphones & Other USB Devices Your Power Bank is a compact, yet powerful mobile charging solution for any smartphone or tablet.Package Contains• Time Traveler Power Bank Notebook with built-in battery• Micro USB cable and charging cable• Quick-start guide FeaturesYour Time Traveler Power Bank Notebook extends the battery life of your smartphone or other USB device for hours with more power to rock, talk, surf and send through a full day with ease.Here are just some of the reasons why your Notebook Power Bank is so great:• Convenient design fits into any briefcase or handbag, and weighs only 1.5 pounds, making this the perfect accessory for your active lifestyle.• Compatible with most USB devices.• Simply connect the Power Bank to your device and press the status button to begin charging.• Track battery power at a glance with the integrated four-light LED status indicator.• Keep tabs on charging status and current battery life. Know before you go!• Rechargeable for over 500 full cycles. Our lithium-ion polymer battery, with a capacity of 9,000 mAh, is built to last, letting you do more, longer.• Time Traveler Power Bank Notebook’s smart adaptive charging technology identifies your connected device and always delivers the fastest, most efficient charging speeds available. • Digital power management circuitry provides built-in short-circuit, overcharge and temperature protection. Safety first!

 It is available personalized with one line or two. 


Notebook Power Bank Black

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